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Mention TAS to any petrol head and they will know exactly what you are talking about. For those who are wondering what Tokyo Auto Salon is all about, it’s an auto show which is held annually in Japan. The organizer of Option car magazine’s Editor in Chief will hold this enormous event at the Makuhari Messe, Chiba City, Japan for both the car enthusiast be it performance or dress up. To give you an idea of how big this event is, for 2013 there were 802 vehicles, 452 exhibitors and 3608 booths that is attended by 250000 automotive fans within a period of 3 days. This is a brief history of TAS.


And this year, for the first time in 30 years, TAS was exhibited outside of Japan. On the 12th to the 14th of April 2013, Singapore was the venue for this prestigious event. The organizers who made all this possible are MediaCorp and Muse Group. The exhibition hall of the newly built Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre played host for these amazing cars.


To spice things up, they got AKB48 (a Japanese girl group) to perform during TAS Singapore. You don’t even need to pay extra for this performance as there is a stage in the middle of the halls. You get the best experience of the automotive industry all in one package.


If you didn’t already realize, we here at rand0mgraphy are somewhat petrolheads. When we heard that it was gonna be held in Singapore, we somewhat made plans to head there. Due to the busy schedule that we have, we only finalize our trip plans 3 weeks prior to the event. And since we were only at the neighbouring country, we decided to take a drive down.


Our journey started at 4am on the 12th of April (Friday), arriving at Singapore customs at 730am. There was quite abit of traffic due to a working day but nevertheless we got to Marina Bay around 30minutes prior to the launch of the event.


There were 3 halls of cars for us to jaw drop… photograph. Here’s a list of cars from Japan that was there at Tokyo Auto Salon Singapore:

  • Amuse S2000 GT1
  • Spoon NSX-R GT
  • Top Secret Super 86
  • Mugen RR Advanced Concept
  • Top Fuel S2000 Type RR
  • RE Amemiya
  • KRX RX-7 Hirameki
  • Varis GT-R
  • Zesty Racing FD3S
  • DAMD LFT-86
  • Veilside 4509 GTR
  • Saitama Institute of Automotive Technology SIAT500
  • Abflug Aloof 01-R Ver. 2
  • Tommy Kaira LS-F Premium Sports
  • Kazuki-kun Open Aristo
  • RK Design Laguna Niguel ZR1
  • Car Sense Patrol-kun Moe-Moe Version
  • Scuderia Ciociaro Corse Giappone 500 Maxi
  • Job Design Jdred Lexus


Being there on the first day was good. We wanted less crowd to be able to capture the cars with minimal people in the background and that was exactly what how it was. We took our time with the cars and once we were done admiring their amazing capabilities, we started snapping away. After being there for 5 hours, we bid goodbye and went on to explore Singapore. Here are some of scenes from Tokyo Auto Salon Singapore.


I must admit that upon reviewing the shots, we could have done better. This is the first event for us and we really appreciate if you could suggest ways for us to improve. Comments and critics are most welcome so fire away the thoughts that you have.


As a whole for TAS Singapore, I must say that, if you were to ask for my honest opinion, I certainly wish that more of them were brought in. But I would say not bad for the first time out of Japan. Hopefully this will continue and it will grow in the years to come. We will definitely look forward to making this an annual trip for us here at rand0mgraphy.


**We’ll be updating this place with individual posts of cars from different tuners. Do drop by when you can for updates as we’re working on more content for this site.**

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