Review > Urban Armor Gear Navigator & Scout for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2

If you’re on the lookout for a casing which have the below:


Minimalistic design. military/tactical styled as corrected 🙂

-Impact resistant.

-Not too bulky.

-Not too expensive.


You might want to give Urban Armor Gear (UAG for short) a chance. They not only have casing for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 but also for:

Apple – iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 5, iPad mini

Samsung – Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4

HTC – HTC one


I wouldn’t be surprised if you have not heard of UAG. I stumbled upon this when I was searching high and low for an impact resistant casing and almost bought the Otterbox Commuter.

The casing comes in a standard, but informative packaging which has a cutting in the middle to show the casing. The packing not only comes with the casing (duh) but also a screen protector, a small piece of micro fibre cloth and also a squeegee with UAG branding on it. It of course comes with the additional cut outs for the vents, one black and one orange cardboard sheet.


When you take the casing out it feels light and rigid. The hexagon design inside looks good and probably don’t need to use as much material, so the casing feels light and strong. Another plus point is that it’s a hybrid casing, so the corners are super thick rubbers and also the lips of the casing.

Installing the casing is fairly easy, just position the cardboard sheet above the vent, there’s 2 guided “pole” which you have to place it in between the cardboard sheet. I suggest securing the cardboard sheet with some tape so that the dust won’t seep in.


After that is done, just push your phone gently down and it will snap in place. It’s that easy! It fits snugly and it looks amazing. I’ll be lying if it doesn’t add any thickness to your already big phone. But it’s a good thing. I feel like the Note 2 is too smooth to hold and this adds some random texture to hold on.

I really love the front lip of the casing, it’s thick and it’s raised just nicely above the phone not too high. Tried pushing it down and it won’t budge. Great stuff there!


The 4 corners are thicker to absorb impact just in case you drop it.

The cut outs for the casing are also generous if not too big. The microphone jack is big enough for me to plug my Beyer Dynamic DT770 cans in it! (sweet headphones, highly recommended) It’s a straight connector, so no issue there. Not too sure about those angled connectors though. Same goes for the microphone connector, no issues talking on the phone or via loudspeaker too.


Doesn’t stop me from using the default charger that comes with the phone too.


Unsheathing the S-Pen, no problem there too. However when I want to slide the S-Pen in, I need to use my fingernail to push it in instead of the flesh part of my finger. The cut out for the S-Pen is quite fitting, you’ll only feel that when you want to slide the S-Pen in. I don’t use the S-Pen so this doesn’t really bother me.


Camera still functional of course, the cut out is just nice covering the side of it. Flashing the LED light to annoy friends are still annoying as ever, great cut out there too 🙂


Music from the loudspeaker cut out still sound like music too.

Okay, this is probably the best part of the casing. The rubber button that overlaps the power button and the volume rocker are amazing. It gives that good tactile feeling as if you’re pressing on a good keyboard. I hate to press the power button/volume rocker without the casing as it shifts around and it feels like it’s made poorly!


At the back of the casing there’s 4 small screw heads which made of rubber. At first I thought, what the hell are these for? When laying the casing on it’s back the 4 screws acts like tiny feet, elevating the casing of the surface it’s resting. It also grips the surface a tiny bit, so it doesn’t slide everywhere.

Overall I love this casing alot, so much so I’ve bought both the colours! The Navigator (White) and the Scout (Black)


Highly recommended casing, been telling most of my friends to get this casing if they are looking for impact resistant casing 😀

Oh and if I could make this casing any better, it’s lacking the dust stoppers for the microphone port and also the USB port. It doesn’t matter if I always need to remove them to use the microphone/usb port but at least it makes the casing looks complete and have this very stealthy look! Do hope that UAG will incorporate that in their future design 😀

    • EvilAngel
    • April 3rd, 2013

    -Durable. = true

    -Minimalistic design. = really? i think it is much more like Modern/Advance Military design

    -Impact resistant. = true

    -Not too bulky. = yeah rite..

    -Not too expensive. = not too expensive?? are u kidding me..cost around RM120++

    • Hey thanks for correcting me 🙂 If this casing were to compared with other impact resistant casing it wouldn’t be the thickest and the pricing is quite reasonable as compared to other impact resistant casing too 🙂

    • EvilAngel
    • April 3rd, 2013

    yep it is the most popular case and the most case with highest durability (not for LCD though)
    Where did you bought it? I saw in eBay for USD$28 is the cheapest.. 😀

    • Bought it off Amazon for almost MYR150 each including shipping! Didn’t realize that UAG website offers free shipping else I could save more but no regrets tho 🙂 Otterbox Commuter going for about MYR180 each anyways 🙂 If you’re looking for LCD protection you might wanna look at OtterBox Defender 😀

    • yodatolkien
    • July 14th, 2013

    Been using the UAG case for the Note 2 for 6 months and love it. It does add a little bulk to the phone, but it is not that much. Definitely protects the phone and looks great. Had at least 5 significant drops and no damage. Not an inexpensive case cheap, but a nice alternate to Otterxbox (less bulky), and a little lower price. Def check out this case.

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