Review > Custom SLR Glide Strap + C-Loop Combo

First of all, alot of thanks to Custom SLR for making this all possible for us. Check their website out, Custom SLR. They have of course, the C-Loop , the Glide Strap and loads of other stuffs for sale.


Ric says:

Are you one of those people who thinks that the camera strap is in the way when you’re taking vertical pictures? Meet C-Loop. A neat little attachment that is attached to the tripod mount. What does it do? Instead of tying your favourite awesome camera strap onto the camera, you’re tying it to this aluminium which swivels. Afraid you might scratch the bottom of your camera? It comes with i’m-not-sure-what material washer, which is soft so it dampens when you screw it to your camera too tightly.


+ Eliminates funny dslr placing when you leave it hanging.

+ Swivel around, much more easier to maneuver around crowds.

+ No more awkward camera strap blocking whenever taking vertical shots.

+ Aluminium looks matte like, cool factor.

– Squeeky sound, probably still new.

– Whenever you need to use a monopod and tripod, you need to detach it. (Minor issue, cause Custom SLR is cooking something up to counter this!)


When there was a first digital still camera (Sony DSC-HX1) in the house, the strap was quickly replaced by a third party one. I’m never a big fan of the camera straps that comes with the camera, as I know it’s poorly made and it hurts like hell when you’re strapping it for a long time (Shooting non stop for an annual dinner with a Nikon D90, 18-105mm and Nikon SB-900). Seriously, I thought I’ll never need to replace my Crumpler’s Industry Disgrace. I even gone as far as to convince my friends that the Crumpler’s Industry Disgrace is the best ever! Well damnit, I can tell you I’m wrong. Super wrong. The Glide Strap is designed to make it easier for a user to pull the camera from the side like a rifle. It’s so much easier compared to the Industry Disgrace as the Glide Strap is really made and meant for that. What about the padding that rest on your shoulder/neck? It’s made of neoprene, a really thick layer and there’s a small cut in the middle to allow it to shift around to match your shoulder/neck and also acts as an ventilation. I’m lugging my Nikon D7000 around with the 18-105mm around for probably about hours and I can tell you, it’s comfortable, you barely feel it’s there and the best part is that it doesn’t really soak up your sweat. It’s properly padded yet ventilated strap!


+ Smooth rifle action for quick shots.

+ All the buckles that comes with it, solid as hell plastic material.

+ Neoprene padding, 6mm thick to cushion all the heavy gear.

+ Interchangable buckle, if you have more than 1 camera.

+ Silicone Logo printed on the inside of the neoprene padding to reduce any whoops or oops.

+ Stitching is amazing, been using for a week and more and there’s no loose threads.

+ Sweet combo with the C-Loop.

– I can’t find any yet, it’s probably the best strap for me now.


Jason says:

I’m a simple and practical person and go by that in everything I do. When I heard of the C-Loop, the first thing that hit me was how am I to mount the camera on to the tripod? It’ll be kind of troublesome for me to actually need to take this thing out, put on the tripod mount and after that put on the C-Loop again once I’m done.


But I was curious about it so I contacted my best friend Did some research on it and decided to give it a try. After a couple of emails with my buddy, we placed our order for both the Glide strap and the C-Loop. Anticipated the arrival of the items which arrived at our doorstep after 3 weeks.


Let’s start with the strap. Prior to the Glide strap, I replaced the original Nikon strap with Crumpler’s Industry Disgrace. I loved it as the extra padding makes it feel a lot more comfortable and the stress on your shoulder is reduced. Now, I have my doubts about this strap but reviews which I’ve found online shows that it’s a definitely must have.


You may question on why I have doubts. Answer is simple; Crumpler’s Industry Disgrace looks like it have more padding so I thought that this might get me back to somewhere close to the original camera strap feeling. After I assembled the strap, the difference can be felt immediately. In fact, I was proven wrong as it felt better than Crumpler’s Industry Disgrace. It is really comfortable and it reduces the camera weight even more. Used it for my random shooting around town and there isn’t any sore shoulder. Definitely recommend this item to my friends.


C-Loop. A genius idea which will definitely change the way use the camera. Ever experience taking pictures and the strap come in the way? Be it, right in front of the lens or the way that you position your camera. It’s amazing how such a small item can make a big difference for you. With the C-Loop, the strap will never be in the way again. Take pictures the way you want with ease.


Couple both the Glide Strap and the C-Loop and you will find that there is an additional stopper which you can use to limit the length of the camera strap which enables you to have quicker access to bringing up the camera from where it is hanging. I am definite that you will enjoy your photo taking session even more. I know I do! There is just one drawback, the C-Loop will have some squeaky sound but that’s about it. I can’t find any other reason not to like both of this product.


One might say that they don’t need these 2 items but once you tried it, you will know that it does make a difference. In fact a big difference. Definitely recommended item to have.

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